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With the opening of the school year, The UNIVERSITY OF MANILA once again accepts into its fold a new influx of students. It welcomes back the upperclassmen who are now more familiar with its policies and are ready to cope with the different intricacies of college life.

Dr. Mariano V. de los Santos together with two other men and a woman founded the UM as the INSTITUTO DE MANILA in 1913 as an exponent of PHILIPPINE nationalism and culture. They labored tenaciously with an abiding faith and incurable optimism for an educational system to thrive which would produce the noblest in the Filipino.

Since its inception, the University has sought to educate its students with the sublime trilogy of Patria, Scientia et Virtus. UM therefore, can be likened to a fertile ground where you can cultivate and nourish your dreams.

However, these dreams can only be achieved by strictly adhering to the law of success. First, you must define your goals. Most of mankind get born and die without ever knowing what they really want. Second, you must develop a positive outlook in life. Challenges are what makes a man. Face it, and even if you lose time and again, you’ll emerge wiser each time. Avoid it and you’re a loser through and through. Remember, problems are often opportunities in disguise. Third, always follow the credo: To thine own self be true. For in the end you are most answerable to yourselves and not to any jury. You have to put your heart, your soul, all the good that there is in you in every endeavor you undertake. You must be, as that old poems goes, ”in a constant struggle to attain a place on earth and a good name”.

You are therefore fortunate to be with us, as you will be the heirs of a well-guarded tradition of excellence which has been the hallmark of this institution.


Dr. Emily Dodson de Leon
President of the University of Manila

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